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What is the meaning of numbers like 0.1, 1.0, 0.0.1?
The numbers are an indication of the animals sexes. If you take the term "1.2.3 Python regius" as an example, the meaning of the numbers is one male, two females and three unsexed animals.

Why scientific names?
The german or english common names are often confusing, because sometimes different subspecies are told the same common name. With the scientific names, every species and subspecies has its own name.

Can I keep different species in one enclosure?
First, the possibility of transferring diseases mustn't be underestimated. Second, in most cases, at least one species will be kept under suboptimal conditions. Who tries to save money by keeping different species together, saves at the wrong place.

What do I need to know before purchasing a reptile?
Reptiles are no pets, and in most cases, they need special conditions for their health (temperature, humidity). Therefore it is nessessary to get information about the animal you want to keep. Read a book, talk to other keepers and don't buy the animal before your enclosure is ready and the parameters inside the box are tested.

Why is my snake shedding badly?
In most cases, the humidity for your reptile is too low. Offer your snake a wetbox or rise the humidity of your terrarium. Sometimes however, a bad shead might be an indication for another health problem. If your humidity is high enough, but shedding stays a problem, get your snake to a vet, which is specialized in reptiles.